ZDF Ku´Damm56 Trailer
Ku´Damm56 is a three episodes German serie focused on a generational contrast. "Galant", the dance school famous in Berlin during the 50s will be the theater of this fight between prudery and emancipation.

Starring Claudia Michelsen, Sonja Gerhardt, Maria Ehrich and Emilia Schüle, Heino Ferch, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Sabin Tambrea, Trystan Putter August Wittgenstein and many others. Script by Annette Hess ( "Weissensee"), directed by Sven Bohse. 

Client: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
ZDF Marketing: Anja Sotschek, Tino Windisch
Creative Direction/Regie: Holger Geisler
Design/Animation: Felix Wölky
Compositing: Giuseppe Laudani
DOP: Alex Nabi
Production: Alpenblick
Music: ZDF inhouse